Customer Spotlight: MB Electrical

Mar 3, 2023 | News

Our customer spotlight series will highlight new BlueSwift Axle customers and their experience working with the team at BlueSwift Axles.

MB Electrical is a 5-team electrical shop located in the Des Moines metro. The owner of MB Electrical, Mark, purchased a used trailer in 2020. The crew uses the 14-foot trailer to haul tools, equipment, and materials for construction jobs.

At the beginning of 2022, Mark noticed some uneven wear and tear on the trailer tires. After inspecting the axles, he realized that the 3500 pound underslung spring axles that were installed on the trailer were not rated for the heavy tow loads his crews were towing to and from the job sites.

Mark reached out to BlueSwift Axles and was immediately connected with Wes. Mark expressed the need for higher-rated axles. BlueSwift Axels walked Mark through all of the details on how to correctly measure the axles to order the correct replacements. 

BlueSwift Axles sent over a detailed order form with the type of axle, weight rating, and pricing. BlueSwift recommended 5,300 pound axles to better support the heavy equipment and material loads.

Once Mark sent over the correct axle and trailer measurements, the order was confirmed and submitted. Two days later, BlueSwift Axles contacted Mark letting him know his axles were ready for pickup. Mark was able to go down to their convenient shop located in Des Moines, Iowa to pick up the axles. The BlueSwift Axles team loaded the new axles into Mark’s trailer. 

Review from MB Electrical: Ordering a replacement axle from BlueSwift was so easy and fast! Wes and his team were quick to respond and very knowledgeable about the type of axles recommended for my trailer. In today’s world, getting a replacement part in 2 days is unheard of. I can’t believe how quickly BlueSwift was able to make the axles. I highly recommend BlueSwift for all of your trailer axle needs!