Comparing 7,000 lb Torsion Trailer Axles to 5,200 lb Torsion Trailer Axles

Oct 18, 2023 | Torsion Axles

Comparing 7,000 lb Torsion Trailer Axles to 5,200 lb Torsion Trailer Axles

Trailers are as varied as the loads they carry, and so are the axles beneath them. Two of the most popular torsion trailer axle capacities are the 7,000 lb and the 5,200 lb. If you’re trying to decide between the two, understanding their distinctions is vital. Let’s delve into the key differences and benefits of each.

1. Load Capacity:

The most evident distinction is the load capacity. A 7,000 lb torsion axle can support up to 7,000 pounds, while the 5,200 lb torsion axle is limited to 5,200 pounds. This makes the 7,000 lb axle ideal for larger trailers hauling heavier cargo, like equipment or multiple vehicles. On the other hand, the 5,200 lb axle suits medium-sized trailers and loads.

2. Durability and Longevity:

Both axles offer exceptional durability thanks to the torsion design. However, consistently approaching the weight limit can stress any axle. If you anticipate frequently towing loads close to 5,200 pounds, it may be wise to upgrade to the 7,000 lb option for added peace of mind and longevity. Research on axle durability emphasizes the importance of choosing the right capacity for your needs.

3. Vehicle Compatibility:

5,200 lb axles might be preferable for lighter-duty towing vehicles. They’re typically matched with trailers designed for mid-size vehicles. Conversely, 7,000 lb axles are often found on trailers meant to be towed by heavy-duty trucks.

4. Cost and Availability:

Generally, higher-capacity axles come with a higher price tag. However, investing in a 7,000 lb axle could be cost-effective in the long run if it prevents overloading and the subsequent wear and tear. In terms of availability, both are popular options, but you might find a broader selection of trailer types in the 5,200 lb range.

5. Ground Clearance and Size:

While both axles provide excellent ground clearance due to the torsion design, the 7,000 lb axle, being more robust, may be slightly bulkier than its 5,200 lb counterpart.

The Choice is Yours

Choosing between the 7,000 lb and 5,200 lb torsion trailer axles comes down to your towing needs, vehicle compatibility, and budget. If you frequently haul heavy loads and have a capable towing vehicle, the 7,000 lb axle is your best bet. Otherwise, for general towing needs with a mid-size vehicle, the 5,200 lb axle will serve you well. For more insights on trailer components, text the blueswift team or give us a call. 515-608-8040


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