Can BlueSwift Axles Repair my Axles?

Dec 2, 2022 | Trailer Axles

There are a few simple questions we like to ask before we can determine if your trailer needs axle replacement or if your axle can be repaired: 

  • How old are the axles?
  • Is the spindle damaged?
  • Are the tires leaning in?
  • Is there excessive rust?
  • How are the tires wearing?

If the axles are less than 5 years old, and you are noticing some unusual tire wear, then chances are your axles may be repairable. 

Check the bearings to make sure they are not loose.

Blueswift Axles offers hubs with the bearings and seals installed and prepacked with grease. This makes it quick and easy to replace your worn-out and loose wheel bearings. If the bearings are not loose then excessive weight or a pothole may have caused the axle to settle and lose its camber. An old-school alignment shop in your area will be able to check this and help you determine if it can be bent back into proper alignment or if it is too far out of spec and that a replacement is recommended.

Damage to the spindle almost always requires an axle replacement.

Very small grooves in the spindle caused by a bad wheel bearing may be able to be sanded out and reused. If the bearings are loose, causing them to ride on the spindle, it will continue to damage the spindle and cause a failure down the road. Can you replace the spindle? NO. Even though there are companies online that offer spindle replacement kits, the liability you take on is not worth it. The weld that attaches the spindle to the tube is the most critical part of the axle. It requires large precision equipment to hold the spindles straight during the welding process. The chance of welding the spindle straight and in proper alignment is difficult to perform. And, the money saved will be quickly lost in replacing your tires down the road.

At Blueswift Axles, we understand the desire to repair your axles instead of replacing them.

Many individuals assume that axle repair saves time and money. With BlueSwift Axles convenient online ordering, ordering a new axle for your trailer is quick and easy. We have a printable order form with pictures to help you gather all of the information you need to order a replacement. Our team follows up on every order with a phone call to double-check each measurement before we build your axle. We have a 48-hour rush shipping option so in many cases, you can have a new axle faster than making an appointment and having someone determine if it can be repaired.

If you have any questions you can always reach out to our team. We are more than happy to help you decide the best option for your particular situation. Email us at or call 515-608-8040.