Axle Capacities Tailored for Utility Trailers

Mar 8, 2024 | Trailer Axles

Axle Capacities Tailored for Utility Trailers

BlueSwift Axles offers a wide range of axle capacities tailored for utility trailers. These capacities range from 2000 lb to 3500 lb, 5200 lb, 6000 lb, 7000 lb, and 8000 lb, designed to accommodate a full spectrum of hauling needs. Whether you’re looking for an axle replacement or to upgrade your axle capacity, we have you covered. Below is an outline of what each axle capacity is good at hauling. Of course, the Blueswift Axles team is best at custom solutions; if you have questions about your trailer, email us at

Light-Duty Axle Capacities

2000 lb and 3500 lb Axles: Perfect for Light Loads

Our 2000 lb and 3500 lb axle capacities are ideally suited for transporting small machinery, gardening supplies, or recreational gear. These axles are ideal for trailers hauling light tools and smaller trailers, offering axles that balance efficiency with reliability. Opting for these axle capacities means choosing optimal performance and maneuverability for lighter loads.

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Mid-Range Axle Capacities

5200 lb Axle: A Versatile Mid-Range Solution

The 5200 lb axle capacity is engineered for those requiring more heft. It is ideal for larger boats, medium-sized campers, and commercial equipment. This axle capacity provides a perfect blend of load-bearing capability and maneuverability. the 5200lb serves as an adaptable solution for a broad spectrum of moderate hauling tasks, making the 5200 lb axle capacity a standout choice for versatility and flexibility.

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Heavy-Duty Capacities

6000 lb, 7000 lb, and 8000 lb Axles: For the Heaviest Loads

Our heavy-duty axle capacity range are for trailers with substantial hauling needs. These axles are engineered for durability and stability, making them ideal for transporting heavy equipment. These axles are the backbone of reliable performance for commercial, industrial applications, and large recreational applications. Offering unwavering support under heavy-duty conditions.


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Do you offer 10k Trailer Axles?

Yes. We can offer larger custom trailer axle capacities. These are considered a specialty order, and are built on a case-by-case basis.

Tailored Axle Solutions

With BlueSwift, trailer owners get to select their axle capacity and customize the build specs. This highlights our dedication to providing solutions that meet a broad range of vehicle requirements.

The range of axle capacities offered by BlueSwift Axles illustrates our commitment to the trailer industry. Whether the task involves hauling light loads or transporting heavy equipment, our axle capacities are built to handle the challenge. They are backed by robust construction and a 5-year spring axle warranty, ensuring stable and secure towing across all terrains and conditions.

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