48-hour axle manufacturing

Mar 28, 2024 | Manufacturing

48-Hour Axle Manufacturing

In this industry, speed matters. That’s why at BlueSwift Axles, we’re all about delivering custom axle replacements fast. Our standout 48-hour axle build time is reshaping trailer axle manufacturing industry, setting new speed and reliability standards.

Leading the Axle Revolution

Our Midwest-based, family-owned business zeroes in on what trailer owners need. Unlike the big companies, we specialize in creating custom-fit axles for a wide range of trailers. This focus lets us quickly meet your specific requirements.

Custom Solutions, Just for You

Finding the right axle replacement can be daunting. But at BlueSwift Axles, we turn those challenges into opportunities. Whether upgrading your axle or needing a replacement, we ensure you find the perfect fit.

The BlueSwift Difference

We take pride in our exceptional customer support. Guiding you through selection and measurement, we ensure you get the right axle. You’ll talk directly to our experts, sometimes even me, ensuring you’re well-informed.

Speed Without Sacrifice

Axles wear out; it’s inevitable. Our quick manufacturing process doesn’t cut corners on quality. Promising a 48-hour turnaround, we exceed expectations, minimizing your downtime.

On the Road with BlueSwift

In a world valuing quick, custom solutions, BlueSwift Axles stands out. Our rapid service, commitment to satisfaction, and quality craftsmanship make us your go-to axle source. Upgrading or replacing, we’ve got you covered.

From Our Customers


“Very helpful! Had to replace axle on my camper that was not manufactured anymore, so ended up replacing both axles. Had break problems after installing and they helped me figure out it was the break away switch”

– Mark Christensen



“The axles were shipped quickly and were exactly what I ordered. Thank you so much. Here’s a photo of the trailer that I installed them on.”

– dannytbox



“Perfect for my 1966 camper trailer. Great service and quick turn around. They had the bolt pattern I needed and help me select the correct axle, it was a custom build and fix perfectly.”

– Andy Bear


With BlueSwift, you’re ready for the road in just 48 hours. Join us on this journey, ensuring your trailer is adventure-ready with the quickest turnaround around.

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